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Vote For Eric Neal
Help re-elect Eric Neal for Marshall Texas
Endorses Eric Neal##Welcome to the Vote for Eric Neal App! This application is here to centralize my campaign and give a consistent point of reference to the wonderful things that have been accomplished over the last two years in this great city! We have come a very long way in a short period of time but there are many things we still have to do. I would greatly appreciate your support in my upcoming re-election bid for the Marshall City Commission District # 3. It will be a tough race, but I know TOGETHER we can continue making Marshall a great place to live and work.My name is Eric J. Neal and I am running for re-election to the Marshall City Commission District # 3. Since being elected two years ago I feel that we have brought the city a long way. We have continued a strong focus on the core-values of this City (namely being Infrastructure, Public Safety and Deferred Maintenance). I would appreciate your support in helping me get re-elected to the City Commission so that I may continue you this work for my hometown. I have a deeply rooted belief that the number one priority of a city should be developing and maintaining strong infrastructure. Good infrastructure brings good business to a community. When a city has a solid infrastructure improvement plan that focuses on maintain and developing infrastructure it signals to potential future business that we have a city dedicated to our true function. We have made significant strides in this area and I look forward to discussing them, but there is more that is needed and our plans must be continued. Infrastructure will be what makes Marshall a highly desirable location for business to come and thrive. Second we have to continue focusing on updating and improving our public safety departments within our city. Public Safety must be a top priority because people will come and live in a city that they feel safe in. For many years this was an area that was not appropriately focused on and these departments were lacking in the equipment needed to be able to properly perform their job. Our public safety officers put there life on the line every day and we as a city owe it to them to be safe. Now over the last two years we have made significant strides correcting the past wrongs in these departments but there is still more to do. Again I look forward to discussing what we have done so far and where we need to go Finally we have to continue to focus on correcting the deferred maintenance issues of this city. When I was placed on this commission two years ago we had no true path of how to handle our deferred maintenance issues. Many buildings within the city had major issues that had been left unrepaired for years. Over the last two years we have made significant headway but again we still have more to do and must continue this focus. So essentially my platform is very basic. We as a city are at a turning point we have been getting out of the Pet Project business and focusing our efforts on the CORE VALUES of this city. Don’t get me wrong Core-Values aren’t overly sexy but it is what is good for Marshall. Sometimes focusing on Core Values and not pet projects makes certain groups unhappy, but again it is what is good for the future of Marshall Texas. Continued focus on the city of Marshall’s infrastructure Continued focus on the updating of our public safety needs Continued focus on correcting the long overdue Deferred Maintenance issues of our city. Thank you for taking the time to read this, please check back frequently and remember TOGETHER we can continue making Marshall great! [center][size=2]This app has been created, maintained and donated by [url=]Juays Consultants[/url]. Want an app for your business? Give Tony a call on [url=tel:9034072767]903-407-2767[/url].[/size][/center]